Identifying The Real Reason and the Very Good Reason Makes Your Path Clear

I am a big fan of Continuous Improvement, because I believe that no matter how well things are going, they can always be improved.  If something isn’t growing, it’s dying.  Changing habits and beliefs are often the key to making breakthroughs in organizations, as well as in your personal life.  Most plateaus are plateaus because we can’t see beyond our current perspective to know what we need to do on a daily basis to improve.

What beliefs have we accepted about ourselves, and what practices are we engaged in, that keep us from doing or being what it is we want to do?

One area I want to improve is my online presence to help me build a more robust business.  I have generally refused to take the time to write because I “have other things to do”.  And who wants to know what I think?

Really though, the belief is that I don’t have something to say worth reading.  This is the limiting belief and the real fear.

Recognizing that this is the Real Reason, and not the Very Good Reason (that I’m busy) helps to make the path clearer.

So this is of course what I need to work on doing every day.  Write a couple paragraphs, and publish something from time to time.

It probably won’t be very good, and I probably won’t be that consistent, but this is what I need to work on developing.

And because habits and action change your ability to do and see new things, I can only wonder what will I be able to see more clearly after I push past this hurdle.

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