Most software teams are underperforming and also not loving their work.

“Why are some teams and organizations getting so much more done than us, and seeming happier at the same time? Why can’t we be like that?”

What if the keys to unlocking performance aren’t what we think? What if performance has less to do with getting process in the right state, and more to do with getting your people in the right state?

I am passionate about helping people on teams and in organizations multiply their effectiveness.

This site is where I explore topics I’m interested in and sharing what I learn.

If you’re interested in talking with me about increasing your team’s or organization’s performance, reach out!

About Me

I’ve been developing software since 2009.

I’ve worked in small and large organizations, startups, and companies with established products. I’ve worked in e-commerce, AdTech, 3d photogrammetry, accounting software, network device OSes, and most recently on the blockchain. I love learning new things and exploring new domains.

I love discovering the principles that make things work, to make breakthroughs in making them work better.

I live in California with my wife and 4 kids.