If your key systems crashed today,
what would it cost you?

How many orders will be late or cancelled? How expensive will the experts be? How long can your systems be down before your business goes down?

Does this sound familiar? — Your software is so old you can’t update your business processes and adopt best practices.  Your patchwork of quick fixes and jury-rigged add-ons is making you overly reliant on key personnel staying healthy and staying with your company.

There is too much to manage on a day to day to think about the future and there’s no time to make strategic investments.  Your profits are down and you’re falling behind your competition.

You don’t have enough confidence in your infrastructure to take on bigger challenges and grow your business.

You just need someone to point you out of this abyss and to help you get a handle on your operations.

Here’s how I can help:

  • I provide a systematic approach to make gradual minimally disruptive improvements to replace your old systems with modern technology and practices.
  • The steps I custom develop for you will alleviate some of your worst problems quickly (freeing up valuable time and attention), while providing a clear path to IT systems and processes that help grow your business.

Here’s how we’ll develop your LEGACY SYSTEM ESCAPE PLAN

Most aging software systems can be replaced with minimal or no down time given the right approach.  That approach has to then be tailored to your specific circumstances, systems, and the particular way that you do business.

  • First, I document and become familiar with your outdated and inefficient IT processes,  identifying  easy wins to eliminate the worst offenders first, freeing up more of your time and attention to grow your business.
  • Next, we identify key personnel and create a strategy to provide redundancy during the transition, allowing greater flexibility and reducing crises caused by sick days and vacation time.
  • Finally, we focus on the future, and the importance of a modern IT infrastructure. With modern tools and reliable systems you will be able to pursue those projects and initiatives—essential to the growth and health of your business—that your old systems could not support.


Every plan includes an analysis of your current situation, recommendations for first steps, and identified areas of special concern, as well as identified future capabilities that will be possible with a stronger foundation.  This does not include detailed project planning (sprints, feature sets) but does include an outline of how you will start to regain control of your IT processes.  It will also include some research into your technology stack and recommendations about existing solutions that may be available to solve particular needs unique to your situation.  While not a detailed technical specification, the roadmap clearly outlines the steps needed to fix your ailing IT systems and strategy, and the immediate actions you can take to alleviate your worst pains.

Improved IT lets you grow your business.

Beyond the immediate costs and risks aging systems pose to your business’s bottom line and survival, there are major benefits to making these changes.  Companies that view IT as catalyst for growth instead of regrettable cost center adapt faster to industry change,  reach new levels of operational efficiency, and can pursue state-of-the-art R&D.

  • Robust operational stability gives you the confidence you need to take on new challenges.
  • Key personnel are less worried about their day-to-day, and able to focus on continuing improvements.
  • Employees are more energized when they are working for an efficient, modern business, invested in current technology.
  • You are poised to adopt state-of-the-art technological advances and to improve your processes continually when your IT can keep up.

Why should you work with us?

My very first project with a struggling e-commerce website achieved 100% ROI in the first month alone after implementing my transition plan. I spend the next 7 years refining my ability to reconstruct complex, inefficient, one-of-a-kind systems into stable, reliable solutions without the disruption that usually comes with replacing major systems. Maintaining daily value while moving forward is key to my approach. I work to implement solutions piece by piece, giving you frequent returns, which allows for a tighter feedback loop and reduces your overall risk on any given project.

My approach to legacy software—that is, building incremental components one-by-one—is specifically designed to ease the difficulties and learning curve that comes with integrating new technology, while simultaneously returning the value of your investment as soon as possible.

Phase One Pricing

Process and Systems Audit: building your LEGACY SYTEM ESCAPE PLAN

  • I work with you to understand and document existing processes and the systems that support them, along with understanding your business goals and the elements of your current IT systems that are an impediment.
  • I provide an analysis of your current situation, recommendations for first steps, identified areas of special concern, as well as a summary and recap of future goals and the capabilities needed to achieve them.
  • This does not include detailed technical planning (feature specifications and scope) but does include an outline of how to take control of your IT processes, and the first steps that can be undertaken. Research into your technology stack and recommendations about existing solutions that may be available is included.
  • This package includes allowance for meetings, research, a day on-site (if local), and any follow-up necessary to fully understand your business and IT needs.


What if you can’t help me escape from my old systems?

If you’re not completely satisfied , you can pay what you think it was worth.  All I ask is that you tell me how I didn’t meet your expectations.

I call this the No Cents For Nonsense Guarantee.

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