Camarillo, CA

Maximilian David Summe




Volo, IL Chief Software Architect
  • Led efforts to migrate from SVN to git and train off-shore team on new processes
  • Reduced new bugs by 90% with custom development workflow using peer-reviewed Pull Requests, bug validation, and ticket tracking with JIRA and BitBucket
  • Stabilized Gentoo build process by using docker to store stable versions of base build system
  • Designed long-term product vision and plan for cloud-based management systems at scale
  • Built transparent SSL web filter (no MITM) using open-source components

Your Computer Genius - Turrentine Brokerage BrokerApp

Portland, OR Application Developer
  • Led project to success on tight timeline, bringing together existing team into a cohesive approach
  • Built custom filter-based search component for ajax-based data tables (


Kansas City, MO CTO
  • Refactored application built by offshore team to meet 100ms page load goal for complex searches with geo-based queries in MySQL and Symfony2
  • Built CSV search library to speed up automated data imports by 500% on large automotive data sets (500K+) spread across multipe CSV documents

535 Labs (a division of Beche Group)

Danville, CA Solutions Architect

Beche Group

Danville, CA Application Developer
  • Built Case Management System for Beche IP Services with a document analysis and associative graph search to match cases to expert witnesses available
  • Built prototypes for internal startup projects

Self Employed

Ventura, CA Web Developer
  • Built ecommerce website that increased sales volume by 400% within 30 days of launch and supported 20% yearly growth



Understand and design arbitrary systems and problem domains through broad experience and philosophy background.


Help team members find a path to "yes" to finish on time with minimal technical debt.

Process Development

Develop processes and automation to increase speed, quality, and ease of collaboration.

Technical Skills

PHPPHP 7, Symfony2 (and 3), Doctrine, Silex, Yii, CodeIgniter
JavaScriptjQuery, VueJS, AngularJS 1, Ember, AngularJS 2
ProvisioningVagrant, AWS, Docker, VirtualBox, VMWare, CloudFormation, Ansible
DatabasesMySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
LinuxAmazon Linux, Gentoo, CentOS, Ubuntu, Nginx, Apache
MiscellaneousPython, Ruby, Java


Thomas Aquinas College

Santa Paula, CA B.A. Liberal Arts (Analytic Philosophy, Theology, Mathematics) to

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH Majored in Biomedical Engineering Mechanics to

Continuing Education

Divide and Conquer, Sorting and Searching, and Randomized Algorithms by Stanford University on Coursera December 4, 2016

Graph Search, Shortest Paths, and Data Structures by Stanford University on Coursera January 8, 2017